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Sleep Paralysis

Last night, I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time. These are my thoughts. All of this happened after a perfectly normal dream. Basically, the dream just ended and the latter happened.

Started with a really loud electrical buzzing or humming like sound in my ears and I couldn’t move my body at all and when I tried to yell out or something, I couldn’t. It was like I was conscious, but not quite. But I surely was awake. Luckily, I didn’t see any straight hallucinations of demons or anything like that. Another strange thing is that my sleep schedule hasn’t been that messed up or anything, I doubt that sleep deprivation was the root of what I was experiencing.

I’ve been sleeping 12 hours every night over the weekend, as my work exhausts me over the week. But I never actually felt like I was deprived of sleep. Overall, really strange feeling. It’s interesting experiencing these strange episodes first hand. But it didn’t quite click what had happened to me until after I woke up.


10/10 would not experience again.

Anybody else ever had any sleep paralysis?

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