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SJWs Bully Comet Scientist To Tears For Wearing "Offensive" Shirt

He helped mankind land the Philae probe on a comet, but Dr. Matt Taylor may end up being remembered for his harmless shirt rather than his scientific acumen.


The space scientist broke down in tears yesterday and apologized to his Social Justice Warrior bullies for wearing a shirt which featured cartoon images of women wearing corsets and wielding guns. In an effort to try and make it sound as sexually depraved as possible to shame him into submission, SJWs and media lapdogs described the corsets as "bondage gear".

Illustration for article titled SJWs Bully Comet Scientist To Tears For Wearing Offensive Shirt

A happier Dr. Matt Taylor wearing the perfectly legal shirt, a gift made for him by a female friend


In recent days the heavily tattooed London scientist had become a firm favorite with the public for his unlikely appearance and enthusiastic interviews.

A rundown of the controversy:

  • Making historic first landing on a comet
  • Years of work for this day
  • Making great strides in science and the exploration of space
  • Became targeted by internet SJW bullies for the shirt he wore after a firestorm ignited by Rose Eveleth of The Atlantic

So when did the left become Rick Santorum? Prudery? Authoritarianism? Panicking over sexuality? While Rose Eveleth watched history being made in front of her eyes, she was also busy screen-capping and zooming in on the scientist's shirt to see if it offended her. And did it?


It sure did. Her vitriolic tweets were met with suggestions that she, for example, "jump off a cliff". So while Jezebel claimed she was the victim of death threats, telling someone to jump off a cliff is as much a death threat as saying "go fuck yourself" is a rape threat.

"When a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger."

ā€” Confucious

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