As the bowl season starts today, so does the NFL's encroachment on college ball's territory (Saturday). Maybe it's my fleeting once-per-year OCD tendencies, but I HATE it when that happens. Mostly because it means that there isn't a lot of college ball being played.

There are some legendary bowl games going on today. The Potato Bowl (I really wish this was sponsored by Apple's iPhone), the Las Vegas Bowl, the New Orleans Bowl, and the New Mexico Bowl. They're just making up bowl names now, right? I would like to see the Tupperware Bowl or the China Bowl be a thing. Maybe the Chipotle Burrito Bowl. I mean, who WOULDN'T love the Chipotle Burrito Bowl, amirite?!

Anywho, I'm cheering for LA-Lafayette to win against Nevada for two reasons:

1. They are the "Ragin' Cajuns", and I'm about as close to a Cajun as you can get without being an actual Cajun, and

B. The school's nickname is "OOH LAH LAH", for U. LA - Lafayette. You can't cheer against the "Ooh Lah Lah Ragin' Cajuns". You're just an asshole if you do that. Arguably one of the best names in college football.


Also, the Philadelphia Chip Kellys are facing off against the Washington ***skins. I'm rooting for Washington because I hate the Eagles and I feel bad for RGIII. If I were him, I'd quit football, go get a law degree from Baylor, and live the rest of my life wealthy and relatively free from the dangers of concussions. But that's just me.

Try and catch future Michigan coach Jim "Second Best" Harbaugh's NFL swan song. That actually might be a good game.

As always, smack-talking is not only encouraged, but unenforceably mandated. Tell me who you're rooting for. If you're not rooting for anyone, lie.