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Saturday College Football Thread

Saturday is upon us, as are actual Fall temperatures. Prime college football-playin’ weather.

Here’s the schedule for today:


As you can see, today is chocked full of Ho-Hum games and humdinger games. The Houston Cougars will run into the buzzsaw that is USF (who’d a thunk it?), Miami is going to try their best to slice through the Tar Heels, Wisconsin will grate the “Fighting” Illini (I feel bad for Illinois), and Georgia will most likely chew up the Gators today. But what’s worth watching?


The choices are obvious. Oklahoma State will be visiting the Mountaineers in WV today, and that’s never an easy road game for any team. Will OK State’s weaknesses that were brought to light last week against Texas become their downfall? TCU will be marching up to Iowa State to prove that they’re the real deal and shouldn’t be denied a CFP spot. I hope they win away.

Despite playing in South Bend, a victory for Norte Dame isn’t guaranteed against a dangerous NC State. Be prepared for a tight game here.


And then there’s the biggest game in the Top 25 polls: Ohio State against Penn State. This will either be a tight score, or the Buckeyes will run away with it. Watch this game.

My Longhorns are playing the hapless Baylor Bears today in Waco. If Texas loses, I’ll be pissed.


What games will you be watching?

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