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Saturday College Football Thread

Hello, it’s Saturday. You know what the hell this means. Let’ get started.

I’ve noticed that my Saturday football posts haven’t been getting a lot of clicks lately, which is okay. BUT, to save my frail ego, I will attempt to get better at typing my stories. So first, here’s the schedule for today.


The Oklahoma State-Texas game will be a good one. Texas gave the Sooners hell last weekend, but now the Horns are playing at home against one of the most prolific offenses in the game. You’ll need to watch this matchup, if only to either scoff at Mike Gundy’s big ass mullet or to admire it’s audacity. Who the hell told him that it was a good idea to grow that Joe Dirt mop, anyway?! I mean, it looks like they grabbed the best-looking fella out of the trailer park, threw a headset on him, and told him to stand on the sideline. CUT YOUR FUCKING HAIR, MIKE.


I know we have some Rocky Top fans on Oppo/CL, and this week will be tough for them. Take some solace in this rumor I heard from some football insiders this week: Tennessee is looking at Charlie Strong to replace Butch. Considering Strong’s recruiting prowess, this might make sense for the school. That and he probably learned some lessons from his three years worth of failures in Austin.

I hope Miami loses. A firm source told me that one of their star players is NOT a good guy (i.e. has done something in the past year that has gotten many other players blackballed from the sport). I won’t go into detail, but yeah...


As far as the LSU-Ole Miss game is concerned, I have to cheer for the Tigers on behalf of my best friend who passed away almost two years ago to the day.

Tonight at 6:30, there will be two good games going on, immediately followed by two shitty games at 7:00. All I have to say is this: The BIG XII needs to get their shit together.


Who wins between the Colorado Buffalos and the Washington State Mike Leaches? I don’t know.

Finally, PLEASE GOD, LET TEXAS BEAT OKLAHOMA STATE. Elevate them from the bullshit status that Strong and their former ADs put them in.


Who do you have to win? Lose? Beat the shit out of their opponent?

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