Welcome to week FOUR of the 2017 College Football Season!! Some teams are now actually playing real games and not just sacrificing smaller schools in front of 100,000 people!! Hooray!!

Unfortunately, a lot of the early games today have spreads well into (and past) the twenties, but some of the games will be a lot harder for the favorite than anyone thinks.

Florida State (12) is playing NC State. NC State is 2-1, Florida State is 0-1. Watch this game first, as I have a feeling that Seminoles have a vicious cockfight on their hands.

Michigan (8) will be on the road to play Purdue, and this will be another game that will either be a blow out or an upset. I think I’ll cheer for Purdue in this one, as a guy I went to high school with once played QB there. We don’t speak anymore, though, as he lives in New Orleans now (and his agent won’t give me his number).

The best game, though, won’t be on until late tonight. Washington (7) is rolling into Boulder to play the Buffs tonight. If you think this will be a cakewalk for the Huskies, then you’ve never tried to jog a mile at high altitude.


Here’s the schedule, all times in CST:


Oh... and WHAT THE FUCK is Ohio State doing playing UNLV?!?! We need to address this bullshit in the next few years.


Who do you have winning? Losing? Who do you hate (Correct answer: Aggies)? Talk smack, make predictions, and feel good as football season covers you like a warm fleece blanket in the middle of a cold winter night. Too much?