There are some good games today, there are some bad games today. Let’s see if we can figure out which are which, shall we? Or just come on into the thread and talk smack. Acceptable as well.

Poor Kevin Sumlin. Even if his dumbass players beat the ever-living, ever-loving HELL out of Ooh-Lah-Lah (University of Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns), it won’t be enough. I fear he’ll be fired soon, which is unfortunate for the “Man Who Johnny Manziel Built”.

Pitt is about to be eviscerated by Oklahoma State. Tulane is about to be disembowled by oklahoma (do you see how I capitalize one “O” and not the other? That’s on effing purpose). Oh, and DUKE is favored to beat Baylol by 10.5!!! Watch those games if you like watching BDSM.

Otherwise, Texas is going to beat USC tonight in a shocker upset in California tonight. The Longhorns will finally get their bearings for their offense, and defense under Tom Herman, go pay NFL players to come in disguise and play instead of the inept assholes that are currently on scholarship, and everything will be fine in Austin.

Here’s today’s games, in CST:



Sorry for the short write up, as my wife forced me to sleep in this morning because she’s nice. Which is suspicions... ANYWAYS, who’ll win? Who’ll lose? Who sucks and who do you want to say that sucks? Because Baylor sucks. Even Stef knows that Baylor sucks. There’s no denying it this year. Texas sucks this year too, so...

Let’s get to watching some football.