Welcome to Week Dos of my happiness, football season. This is a very VERY weird day for college football, and you will need to take a nap early and chug some espresso late to watch the magic that’ll happen. Do this today, thank me tomorrow.

First and foremost, I extend my thoughts, prayers, sympathies, and hopes to everyone in Florida. If you’re out, I hope your home weathers the storm. If you’re in, batten down the hatches, don’t do anything stupid, and prepare for one hell of a 24-36 hours.

After analyzing the Top 25 schedule today, I’ve come to the realization that there’s not many decent games in the first few time slots. If you’d like to watch Colorado dismember Texas STATE, the small party school thirty minutes south of the actual Texas, it starts at 1pm CST. Otherwise, the Top 25 spreads don’t reach the single digits until we get to TCU (23) vs Arkansas, at 2:30.

But after that, HO-LEE SHIT the games get good, and you’ll need multiple televisions to watch them all.



Look at these last seven games in the schedule. You could skip the Washington and LSU games, but the rest will be BARN BURNERS. The hidden gem that you don’t see is the U. Houston vs Arizona game at 9:30 on ESPNU. I want to see how PAC12 After Dark holds up against Ed Oliver on defense and the offensive wizardry of new HC Major Applewhite. Should be a good game.

Did I miss anything? Any games that I’ve overlooked? Am I wrong? Does your team suck? If your team doesn’t suck, who’s team sucks, and why? TELL ME NOW.