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Saturday College Football Thread

Anybody else need football season? I need it. I need it bad. And it’s here, THANK YOU YEEZUS! Now let’s talk about who’s playing today/this weekend.

Since this is one of those weird times of year when NFL season hasn’t started yet, we’ve already had several other days of college pigskin with predictable results. However, Ohio State (2) had a OH GOD NO moment with Indiana on Thursday night, as they were trailing 13-14 at the end of the half. Urban Meyer got it straightened out in the locker room, and the team came out the correct way, throttling the Hoosiers mercilessly until time expired. 49-21 Buckeyes.


No shockers have occurred yet, but the Ohio State game was the closest. So what will be the good games to watch today?

My main complaint during the first few weeks of the season is that many of the good teams are playing their “sacrificial lamb” games. You know, the ones where the big school plays damn near a junior college in front of 100,000 people. If you’re going to plant your ass in front of the TV today, keep track of the scores. Sometimes, those lambs bite back.

According to the rankings, the actual good games involving ranked teams don’t start until 2:30 (CENTRAL TIME ZONE), when Michigan (11) plays Florida (17) in the Sunshine State. The spread is -5 in favor of Michigan, but don’t think that our favorite Harbaugh brother will have a cake walk on his hands. Can’t wait to see what style khakis he’s rocking this season.

Then we have some filler games that might be closer than anyone realize yada yada yada.


Then we get to the good stuff. Florida State (3) saunters into Atlanta to play Alabama (1) at 7:00 tonight for a possible quick punt of one of the teams from the CFP. I have no earthly idea who will win, but I hope it’s a good game (it will be).

Here are the rest of the Top 25 games today/this week, all times quoted in CST:


Who are you rooting for? Against? Are you hoping that one of those lambs goes for the jugular, or that the larger school wins soundly?If you’re new, trash talk is also accepted, as long as it’s based on fun.



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