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Saturday College Football Thread

If Harbaugh ain’t mad, he ain’t Harbaugh. I like Mad Harbaugh. You should like Mad Harbaugh, too. It’s fun.

This is Conference Championship Week, the LAST WEEKEND OF GAMES BEFORE BOWL SEASON. I get a little depressed around this time of year. While there’s good games to be played, there’s not a lot of games left to be played. It kinda sucks.


Let’s review the games completed yesterday:

I was hoping that the Buffs would’ve beat the Huskies (as it would in nature), but it wasn’t to be. This isn’t a loss to hang your head down about, Colorado; the team that beat you will be playing for the National Championship. Good job, Cinderellas.

And now, for your schedule:


The games to watch: “The Battle of the Purples”, “The Battle for the Shittiest State in the Union”, “The Battle of the Best Teams In Louisiana Not Named ‘LSU’”, “Ye Olde Annual Ass-Whooping of Flo-Rida by ‘Bama”, and Cheeseheads vs Former Pedos.


Should be a riot. Oh, I won’t be watching personally. I’m at another cheer competition. There is a peppy techno compilation being blasted in my ear and danced to by little girls who I didn’t father (probably). We should have chosen them a quieter sport to play. Maybe Chess.

Who are you cheering for? Who do you want to win/lose? Why didn’t I play more football in high school, because I’m just over 6' with huge shoulders and I could’ve been a Linebacker at maybe Texas or Alabama an... I mean, it should be a fun day off football.


Bon Appetit.

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