As we are almost to the tail end of the regular season and the beginning of bowl season, we have reached my favorite part of the year: RIVALRY WEEK.

Michigan vs Ohio State. Auburn vs Alabama. Notre Dame vs USC. Oregon vs Oregon State. Kansas vs Kansas State. And many more that I haven’t mentioned. OH HOW FUN IT IS TO WATCH TWO BODIES OF STUDENTS BE ANGRY AT EACH OTHER AND THEN PLAY FOOTBALL!!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!

What games should you watch? ALL OF THEM!! What kind of question is that?! I don’t care how you do it, just DO IT.

Obviously, you’ll want to watch Michigan/Ohio State. Two of the top three teams in the nation, with a playoff spot on the line, with two alums at the helm of their respective school, in one of the most emotional games of the year? Yeah, you’ll want to witness this one.

The Minnesota/Wisconsin game should be a dandy too. 8-3 vs a 9-2 team? One ranked in the top ten, the other not ranked at all? Expect bad blood.


Here’s your Saturday games, Central Time Zone:


If you aren’t talking shit about a team today, you’re not a real college football fan. Here, I’ll start: TCU looks silly in purple. Also, thanks for the new coach (I wish Strong had worked out, but if the players won’t win for him...).

PS. Coach Herman, if you’re reading this, Baton Rouge is a disgusting place that no man of your stature should be living in. Austin is sooooo nice, though.