Last week: Baylor got taken down by Texas, West Virginia got blown up by Ok. State, and Boise State got rekt by... WYOMING?!?! There are now only FOUR unbeatens left, and one of them isn’t on the list to go to the playoffs (WTF?!?!)! Lets get down into this week’s games.

First, let’s look at the sheer madness that is the top ten CFP teams:


Please notice that Texas A&M is highlighted. It is highlighted because THEY’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!!! Look, I love ribbing the Aggies as much as(okay, a lot more than) the next guy, but WHY IS WASHINGTON NOT THERE INSTEAD?!?! Some people will say it’s because A&M’s schedule is stronger, but that doesn’t matter to me. Washington is unbeaten. Washington is in the PAC-12, which is different than the SEC. Washington didn’t play Prairie View A&M at home as one of their wins.

After getting karma’d in Austin last week, Baylor hopes to get back on track by beating a slightly morally better Christian school from Fort Worth. If karma has anything to do with it, they’ll get beaten. Again. And I’ll laugh. Again.

I have a funny feeling about the Florida - Arkansas game. As much as I loathe the turncoats in Fayetteville (they helped destroy the Southwest Conference), I think they might just beat the Gators today.

Here’s all dem Top 25 games, listed in Central Time:



In memorium of my best friend, Sid, that died a year ago this Monday following a triple bypass surgery at the ripe old age of 45, I say, on his behalf: GEAUX TIGERS!!!