Last week was insane. Oklahoma and Texas Tech made history with their combined offensive outputs, Auburn blue the hell out of Arkansas, and Penn state defeated Ohio State in a game for the ages. How do we top all of that this week?

Michigan is going up against their second biggest rival, Michigan State, this week. And while the Wolverines are favored by 28.5 points, this is one of those games where tradition trumps records. Michigan will still win, but expect a hard fought game on both sides of the ball.

Baylor is only favored by 3.5 points against Texas in Austin, but let’s face it; The Bears are going to kick the ever living crap out of my Longhorns. It appears that Charlie Strong’s days are numbered, and this will probably be either a sign that it is, or the start of his comeback. Probably the former. Moving on. :(

Should you watch Clemson and Florida State play tonight, or Nebraska and Wisconsin duke it out? I’ll be flipping between the games, because both will be great to watch.

Here’s the schedule, CST:



Tell me your predictions, upset expectations, and who you’re cheering for/against.

Oh yeah, with Baylor: new information came out in the last 24 hours about the ever-expanding rape scandals. Without quoting any sources directly, I can tell you that everything you’ve read is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t be surprised if they don’t have a football team next year.