Last week was filled with blowouts, nail biters, shockers, and upsets. We’ve already had one close game (BYU vs Boise State on Thursday) and a shocker (Big XII declining to expand like the dumbasses they are), so let’s see if we’ll have any more!!

So, yeah, about the Big XII thing... It boils down to ou being mad that UH beat them in their opener, and how the Cougs have out-recruited them here in Houston. Why is that a big deal, you ask? Because Houston may actually be the richest pool for football recruits in the nation, and Tom Herman has had the first pick of them the past two years. There’s a lot more to this, but that’s not why you’re here.

Texas A&M (6) is playing Alabama (1) in Tuscaloosa. It’ll be a good game, but you better hope that the Tide wins; the last time A&M won a National Championship was in 1939. I’m not saying that this CAUSED World War II, but there may or may not be strong evidence to support this theory. Since I don’t want a nuclear apocalypse, ROLL TIDE.

UPSET ALERT: I was way off last week, but this week, expect Arkansas (17) to beat Auburn (21). Why do I say this? Because I think Auburn is soft this year, and the Razorbacks ain’t half bad.

Here’s your Top 25 Schedule, in CT: 



My Horns will be playing Kansas State in Manhattan, Kansas. I’m pretty sure we’ll lose, because games in the Little Apple are tough for every visiting team. Shit.

Who’ll win? Who’ll lose? Who’ll leave the Big XII? LET’S FIND OUT!