Photo from Sports Illustrated, credit given because lawsuits

We have a couple of blah games this week, but there are some damned big humdingers too. Excitement for errbody up in hurr today!! LET’S GET IT ON!!

Thursday, the Cougars of Houston (6) put a revenge smack down on the Huskeys of Connecticut. It was a revenge game, as UCONN miraculously beat UH last year. Houston remembered, Houston laid down the pine on them. Shockingly, Stanford (7) got the snot beat out of them by Washington (10) last night. Will this end Christian McCafferey’s bid for the Heisman? Who knows.

I personally like it when the small schools are suddenly ranked and have a fighting chance on playing a big team in a bowl game. San Diego State is number 19 and Boise State is 24. I hope they continue to win; chaos can be a good thing.

UPSET ALERT: Wisconsin (8) and Michigan (4). The cheeseheads will be going into The Big House today to take on Blue. Maybe it’s my severe disdain of Harbaugh or the fact that the boys from Madison have been shocking everyone so far, but I think that the Badgers will beat the Wolverines today. Not by much, but by enough. Should be a fun game to watch regardless.

I’ll be taking my middle daughter to a birthday party this morning, so I will be missing my Longhorns play Okay State in Stillwater. Am I angry? Bitter? Sad? Confused? Mortified? Yes. Yes I am.


Here’s today’s games (Central Time Zone):


Either the Big XII sucks this year, or we just keep playing quality teams and losing. My conference insiders’ FB messaging group ain’t happy about it, but it’s still relatively early in the season. We’ll see how it shapes up in a month.


Tell me who you want to win, want to lose, and want a meteor to land on their stadium during the game. Let’s soak in some college pigskin.