So last week, we had a few blow outs, a few close games, and then I fell asleep at 8:30 pm on Saturday night because there were no games being played after that time. Okay, maybe I didn’t fall asleep that early, but I wish I had. Why, you ask?

Because my beloved Longhorns got blown out by the nerds from Berkeley. Stupid nerds.

But THIS week we have some games to watch! If you follow College Gameday, they apparently love the ever-living hell out of Tennessee this year, because this is the second time this year that they’ve been located at a U.TN game. I’ll be watching something different, though (Penn State vs Michigan (3)). Well, maybe not.

Alabama (1) will have their hands full with Kent State today. And by “hands full”, I mean “ they should be ashamed of themselves because this shit isn’t funny nor respectful”.

UPSET ALERT: You know, honestly, I don’t have one this week. I was going to say that Ole Miss was going to beat Georgia, but that isn’t an upset, as Ole Miss is actually favored in that game despite rankings. Would Arkansas beat A&M in College Station? I don’t think so. The best outcome of that game would be if a meteor struck the stadium right about halfway through the first quarter and destroyed everything for a half mile, but that’s just wishful thinking.


Here’s today’s schedule. Times are in the correct (Central) time zone:


Maybe Baylol will lose. That would be an upset without being too upsetting, right?

Who are you cheering for? Who do you hope loses? What stadium should be hit by a meteor and be flattened with both teams in it (correct answer: Kyle Field)? OUT WITH IT!!!


ETA: Corso’s pick is in (and some of y’all won’t like it).