Now that we’re done with Slaughter Week, we can finally get down to some real, apples-to-apples college ball. Not to say that we didn’t have some decent games last week. Oklahoma State lost to their game to Central Michigan on an untimed, impromptu, glorious hook-and-ladder play that shouldn’t have happened because the refs misinterpreted the rule book to give the sacrificial lamb team one last down. But screw last week, let’s get down with this week, shall we?

We get to see some damn good football first thing in the morning, when the Florida State Seminoles (2) takes on the the Louisville Sluggers (10) in Louisville. Or Cardinals, but they should be called the Sluggers. Anyways, the spread in favor of FSU is only ONE POINT. Louisville’s QB, Lamar Jackson, is a potent running quarterback who’s hurdle of a Syracuse defender on his way to a rushing TD last week caught everyone’s attention. We’ll see if he can reproduce that magic against the Seminoles.

UPSET ALERT: Texas A&M (17) vs Auburn. I think that the Aggies will win the game today, and that they are actually better than most people think. How is this an upset, you ask? Because A&M is actually a 3.5 point UNDERDOG in this game. The Fightin’ Texas Aggies are college football’s Rodney Dangerfield. No respect, no respect...

Baylol beat Rice last night, as pretty much any team should. If you’d like to see the infamous Rice Mob marching band’s response to Baylol’s, uh, issues, go to Deadspin and read up. Rice’s band is well-known for this kind of behavior. They are truly one of the reasons why I miss the good ole Southwest Conference.

Also, the U of Houston Cougars are the real damned deal. They had a tough time with Cincinnati for the first three quarters Thursday night, but then decided to go ahead and disembowl their opponent by slapping up 28 points in the 4th quarter, including two back-to-back pick sixes. Watch this team, gang. If they are undefeated in the regular season, they WILL be in the playoffs. Dark Horses, my friends.


Here’s the schedule today (times are CST):


Let’s go Horns!!! I’ll have to stay up late tonight to watch this game. Which means that I’ll be drinking a bit. Which means that I apologize now for what might be said then.


Who are you rooting for? Against? Which stadium would you like to see destroyed by a meteor while both teams are on the field today (Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is the correct answer)? Give me answers, taunt people, IDGAF. Let’s get it on!!!

EDIT: Corso’s pick is in (and it’s against his Alma Mater).