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Saturday College Football Thread

We are going to take a somber tone to mourn the sacrificial lambs who are set to be killed this week by so many Top 25 teams. This is a very sad situation that we run into every year, and it’s violent enough to make both Sally Struthers and Sarah McLachlan collaborate for a PETA commercial. WELCOME TO SLAUGHTER WEEK.

As somewhat of a purist, the concept of really good teams paying really bad teams to come in and lose (pretty much on purpose, despite trying) is sickening to me. Could you imagine Muhammad Ali paying Bobby “Glass Jaw” Redenbocher to come into the ring and get beaten the hell up just so Ali could get another “W”? That’s what this is. And it ain’t right.


Unless, of course, you think that Western Kentucky actually has a fighting chance of beating Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Then, yeah, continue on.

There are FOUR exceptions to this bullshit today, and they’re all playing tonight, pretty much at the same time (thanks for nothing, scheduling overlords): Arkansas at (15) TCU, Iowa State at (16) Iowa, Virginia Tech at (17) Tennessee, and Virginia at (24) Oregon. These games run concurrently with my Longhorns playing UTEP, so I’m stuck with crap all day.

UPSET ALERT: Virginia Tech over Tennessee. Yes, I’m calling it, especially after Tennessee had to take their sacrificial lamb, Appalachian State, to OT just to win. Virginia Tech played Liberty last week, so we can’t really judge them from that, but they won, so I think they’re better than Appalachian State. Can you imagine what the bitching SEC fans will be saying tomorrow if this happens in front of the largest crowd every to watch a NCAA football game? I feel tingly just thinking about it.

Here’s the schedule (all times are CST):


I am 1-0 on my Upset Alerts (GO COOGS!!!), while Lee Corso is 0-1 on his pics. I think it’s obvious that I need to be hired by ESPN to cohost College Gameday.

Who are you rooting for? Against? How do you feel about these sacrificial lambs being paid to get beaten like a redheaded step child, and would this be a better analogy if I said it was more like BDSM? TELL ME NOW!!!


UPDATE: Corso’s pick is in.

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