Is the smoke detector working?

Saturday College Football Thread

Behold! The ladiest ladies that Texas Tech has to offer. No, I’m not being facetious.

Blowout of the week? Kansas vs TCU. It’s a 45.5 point spread that I fully expect to be uncovered, if not beaten like a redheaded stepchild who talked back.


Game(s) of the week: Memphis vs UH, Alabama vs Miss. State, Oklahoma vs Baylor. I’m calling it, there will be an upset for one of these games.

I’ve been at a cheer competition since 6:45 this morning, posting this from the stands. Enjoy the games, as I probably won’t get the chance.

Who ya cheering for? Who ya hate? Who ya say sucks! ALL GAME TIMES ARE IN BEST (Central) TIME ZONE.


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