I feel your pain, Wolverine fans. Not that mask, though. Anyway, I gotta make this quick, as I have a kiddy birthday party to throw together!

Aggies playing Ole Miss in Oxfart should be a good one. Corps turds with buzz cuts vs Bama Bangs fraternity dudes in bow ties. Watch the stands more than the football game.

Looky looky!! U. of Houston is making a run in the top 25!!! You HAVE to cheer for this team, though. The poor Coogs have ALMOST been power houses for years, but then get their awesome head coach taken away from them. Their past two coaches? Art Briles and Kevin Sumlin.

Who are you rooting for/against? What will be the best game of the day (if any if you say OSU/Rutgers, I'll permaban your ass in principle alone)?