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Saturday College Football Thread

It’s been an interesting week in NCAA football, and most teams haven’t even started playing yet. USC’s coach took a leave for coming into work drunk then was fired, BEVO XIV died (RIP), and Stanford’s Francis Owusu’s catch... PLAY OF THE YEAR. Let’s see that again:

Dear God.

The best game to watch today? Alabama and Texas A&M. The #10 and #9 team. The Ags are undefeated, and Bama has one loss. The game is in Kyle Field, and I think that the Tide fans will have a short walk to the bars to drown their sorrows after they lose. Yes, I’m calling this.


LSU is playing Florida in Baton Rouge tonight. It’ll be a close game, and LSU might lean on their running game to wear out the Gators. Should be fun.

MICHIGAN STATE VS MICHIGAN! STATE VS BLUE! Ann Arbor will be alive with a full stadium of 100k+ fans, and Harbaugh will have his hands full.

Both Baylor and TCU each have a 20.5 point spread in their favor against their opponents. If your offense can’t score 60 points, you won’t beat either of these Big XII powerhouses.

Who are you cheering for/rooting against? What will be the surprises of the day? Will any of the top 4 teams stumble on their way to the playoffs this week?


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