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Saturday College Football Thread

For those of you that don’t know, this is UT-OU Weekend. The Red River Shootout. The Longhorns and Sooners are playing in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. This morning will suck for me. Moving on to other games...

Who’d a thunk that Northwestern and Michigan would be one of the big games today?! Michigan is favored, they’re playing in Ann Arbor, but Northwestern is ranked higher. I’ll be watching that.


Georgia and Tennessee are on at 2:30 with about the closest spread of the week. Statistically, it should be a good game. HOWEVER, I have a feeling that UGA will want some atonement for their loss last week to Bama. Let’s go Dawgs!

There are some more impending ass whoopin’s listed below (Baylor, Ohio State, TCU, Alabama), but Navy is playing Notre Dame. And I really hope that the Irish fall to the Midshipmen. Is this normal? Do other people have irrational hatred for private catholic college football programs in South Bend, Indiana?


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