I have friends wearing Burnt Orange in Fort Worth, Texas who are tailgating right now. Some are eating breakfast tacos, most are getting as close to inebriated as they are allowed to be. The ones drinking are the wise ones. But there are other games being played, so let’s focus on those, shall we?

The best game, statistically speaking, will be Alabama vs Georgia. The spread is EVEN, although playing at home is generally good for -3. Alabama is the better team, but UGA could capitalize on their home field advantage.

I know we have some Gopher fans here, so I want to point out that Minnesota will be playing Northwestern! NW has the edge, but it’ll be a tight game.

If you want to watch a REAL crazy game, watch Texas Tech’s insane offense against Baylor. While Baylor is a fantastic team, Tech is underrated. TT almost pulled one out against TCU last week, so they showed that they aren’t scared of ranked teams. However, Baylor has SHAWN OAKMAN:


Here are the rest of your games today, CENTRAL Times listed. RIP Longhorns.