The 2006 Rose Bowl. Some say that this was the greatest college football game ever played. Two well-matches teams, two fantastic quarterbacks, two Heisman Trophy winners*, one magical night. With that said, why in THE HELL are some Top 25 teams still playing “Sacrificial Lamb” games?!?!

I get that the smaller colleges get great payouts and television time that they normally wouldn’t get by playing similar teams. But it cheapens the records of the teams that are trying to get into the playoffs. It really does. One warm up game is plenty. Move on to playing schools that have historically been decent with the pigskin.

Georgia against Southern? State against Central Michigan? Notre Dame and UMass? Ohio State and Western Michigan? Alabama and UL-MONROE?! At least Baylor vs Rice was an old Southwest Conference matchup, but it’s still a bullshit game.

I think that Texas and Oklahoma State will be a decent game (IT BETTER BE, COACH STRONG). And while Texas Tech isn’t ranked, #5 TCU might have a tough time with Tech’s historically crazy passing offense. Everyone has a tough time with them. There will be a lot of emotions in the A&M/Ar-Kansas game. Oregon will be on a warpath against the Utes as well, trying to prove that they’re better than the game they played last week.

Who are you cheering for? What do you think about the crappy games being played today by great teams?


*only one player got to keep their statue.