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Saturday College Football Thread

While preparing my post this morning, I looked at all of the top 25 games and their opponents. For four of them, I have one thing to say: WTF ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!?!

I follow college football in the main conferences. I understand that a lot of the teams start out the year with a "sacrificial lamb" game to get things rolling, but this shit is ridiculous. We have, what? One or two games left before bowl season? AND YOU BASTARDS ARE STILL SACRIFICING LAMBS!!!


Maybe I'm wrong here. Maybe Georgia has a long beef with Charleston Southern University. Just like Alabama has with West Caroline (obviously, the BEST Carolina). And Clemson has with Georgia State, or Auburn has with Samford. Honestly, I've never even heard of three of those colleges before in my life. But they're playing football today. Against Top 25 teams. And I hope the underdogs f*cking all win, too.

As always, sound off about your team, games being played today, and feel free to talk smack to me about my Longhorns (BOWL ELIGIBLE, BITCHES!!!) or anyone else's team. Pardon me while I turn on College Gameday.


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