I’m on the poor diet right now, I’m in college and commute and my dad and stepmom only buy and make food for them now. I can’t afford to eat much so I’m probably going to start losing weight soon. I reached out to the student food pantry on campus so hopefully that helps but I work but don’t make enough to cover my bills (car payment, car insurance, cell service, food, gas, tuition, health care). They’re loaded enough to buy this $350,000 house and be remodeling everything for the past few years but I’m losing money every month now and don’t know if I’ll be able to make it and do school. I’m only afloat now because of scholarship money I got last year.

They don’t care about me and don’t want to help me. I’m a disappointment for taking to long to graduate because of my anxiety and depression which they are also mad at me for having and pretend I don’t have even after telling them about my suicidal thoughts and past attempt. I think they want me gone and to not have to support me in any way anymore.

At least I see my therapist tomorrow.

Update: they are also going to start charging me rent in October. I don’t know what to do anymore and am struggling through some suicidal thoughts and am horribly depressed. I’m meeting with my therapist on Monday to start a new game plan.