I recently reviewed the TOCCS Power Vault:

And since I've done some more formal testing. Basically this past week, after charging the Power Vault fully, I tested how many times I could charge my iPhone 4S from 50% to 100% using the 2.1A USB plug.

And the answer is... 9 full recharges, 1 partial recharge before it shut off. And this was done starting last Sunday and the unit ran out of juice this morning.

And that suggests to me that it has nowhere near the claimed 18,000mAH battery and doesn't even come close to the claim of being able to "recharge your iPhone 10 times"... unless of course when you charge it, the you're starting from a 60-70% charge or more.


I estimate that in reality, it has around 8000-9000mAH battery capacity.

However having said that, I only paid US$30 for this with shipping included. And that's still a really good value.


By comparison, a similar product would cost more than twice as much with far less capacity at my local Best Buy. For example... THIS overpriced shit... $80 for only 4000mAH of capacity:


So while some of the claims made about the TOCCS were highly optimistic, it's still an excellent value based on my experience so far.