Oh boy. Back in the day when I started this whole bullshit endeavor career, "IT" was the thing. The ability to do more than turn it off and on again was lauded. Money was great, companies would fight over someone who knew the real meaning of RCA and anyone who was willing to dig in and learn the ins-and-outs of the x86 architecture seemed set for life. And I certainly was one of them!

Fast forward ten or so years and the landscape has drastically changed. "Enterprising" young fucks high schoolers run the help desks and put out ads to repair computers for as low as ten bucks per hour. Ten bucks? For what I (and others with experience and background) charge 60-70 for? How the hell are we supposed to compete, man, I mean those side jobs were our deal; a way to escape the cubes and make a little cash, but fuck these little shits wonders come in and, fuck, I just don't even know anymore.

I just can't work for ten bucks any more; it's not worth my attention. So, no more side jobs for the quick cash. Down to the old salary again. Granted it is not a bad salary, plenty of slack-jawed yokels young folks would love to make what I do. Especially for the work I do. And therein lies the problem. With the little bastards up-and-comers pulling the hard jobs for, let's face it, like fucking pennies really, by the time the "work" gets up to someone in my position all the fun shit troubleshooting is done and all that's left is for me to push a couple buttons and sit back and post on Oppo for the rest of the day. Cushy right? Fuck that. I want to do things; fix things, whatever, you know, fucking earn my salary and such.

Which brings me to the biggest conundrum. Since I do relatively little, and get paid exponentially more, compared to the thieving bitches new players, I'm feeling under-utilized. Not only that but the "in" thing is to be an Android/iOS deveolper or some sort of code monkey and, well, that's just not me. So I end up sitting here, my original skills unused, losing more knowledge each day. And I think I've stopped caring.

I'm brewing tomorrow; hopefully this different yeast strain will fix the problem I've been having with my Scotch Ale. We'll see. But I care less and less about what I do for a living, and more and more about opening a brewery. All you little self-important whiny little assholes Futures of America can have the IT field; I'm not sure I want it any more.

I just want beer.