Last night, I was ranting about some dude in my dorm who is an alcoholic. It continues. I was in an office, hanging out with a friend when dude comes in drunk. Holding a bottle of 151 proof rum on a Monday night, he starts rambling about relationships and how he’s some sort of matchmaker of our entire class. My friend decides it’s a bit too much for dude and confiscates his rum. Meanwhile, I discover my roommate and some twit had also had some of the rum. Dude was drunk but functional. Roommate was really drunk and not functional. I managed to hobble them back to my room for them to sleep it off. Vomiting occurred afterward, and then he went off to the bathroom to further vomit. Started also blacking out between vomiting....ended up getting campus security involved to get medical help.

This escalated into a cop talking to an RA about either my roommate going to a hospital or going to jail. They went to the hospital.


I’m really fucking tired of this shit. It’s been the 3rd time I’ve had to tend to my roommate in a state of drunkness. The piece of shit who is dude’s roommate has been using dude to get alcohol and cigs. I guarantee that’s the fucking piece of shit who supplied dude with 151 on a fucking monday, while POS calls himself some sort of savior to dude. I hope dude gets moved to a different room or POS gets booted. Admin is aware of this issue and will have to do something now.

I’m really fucking done.