Is the smoke detector working?


I’m on medical leave for two weeks, maybe more. Burnout. Had a call with an administrator for the company that handles short-term disability.

They basically told me that if I don’t go back to work after these 2 weeks, chances are I’m not covered.


Because I can’t “just avoid work because I don’t feel like doing it”.

Because I feel fine at home I can be fine at work, right?

Because the 9+ months of unpaid overtime apparently didn’t leave me broken enough.

Argh! Now, instead of 2 weeks of rest I’m gonna be having 2 weeks of feeling like I’m getting pushed back into something I’m not ready to do.

I understand that their goal is to help me get back to work, and to work with my employer to adjust my conditions so that I don’t crash right away, but I feel pushed, forced. Thanks for ruining my day, and maybe the rest of my week.

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