Yesterday someone on Kotaku put together a list of articles and videos that they thought were interesting/important for the week. One video was put out by PBS about racism in video games.

They decided to define racism as: white guy protagonist and any non-white antagonist. They gave some really good examples of stereotyping but in the first half of the video, all I could stand, they didn't give one example of real racism.

In simplified terms I define racism as the belief that one race is superior or inferior to the other. I choose this definition because that's the simplified definition listed in the dictionary and not one I make up because using bigger words that more accurately define a situation is too hard.

I really started to tune out when he said Resident Evil 5 was the most racist game because 95% of the people killed by Chris Redfield are black. He totally ignores the setting (Africa), motivations (they're infected and trying to kill him), and the fact that you can play as a black woman (Sheva). I would hope that any game set in Africa would have a majority of the characters representative of Africa. If Chris was running around shooting white people people would call it racist for not being realistic to Africa's demographics. This


Now, we definitely have cultural/race issues with video games. The video does a good job of showing that. We have too many white dudes as the main protagonist. Non-white characters definitely get the shaft when it comes to character design and roles in games. The motivation isn't racism. The motivation is money. The people who green light games want to make money and they are either too scared to try to step out of their cookie cutter molds for games or they have data that supports their choices.

I don't have time nor high enough levels of giveashits to go through this guy's entire video and counterpoint everything he says. The heart of the video is good, non-whites need better treatment in video games, but using the word racist to describe that is just not correct.

Or am I wrong?