Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

I dont like it when i get all shot up. And its not helping the situation by yelling/belittling/speaking ill at me and my coworkers, and then having to spend 15 minutes to diffuse you so i can talk to you like a normal human being. Look we both are doing our jobs. Considering your work, you should know by now how to treat messengers. Also, i had respect for you. Up until the point an overwhelming breeze of alcohol emitted from your breath. You drink on your job. And you are operating a vehicle under influence of alcohol. Alright buddy. Look its not my place to judge you and your problems. But alcoholism (if thats what it is) is NOT AND EXCUSE FOR DUI. There is never an excuse for dui. If you have one, please go and tell all the families who are victims of your idiotic behavior. I cant wait til the 1st week of next month, my last day working at this joint. The things i gotta go through for a minimum wage job. We will see what the next chapter of my work life has in store soon enough...

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Sorry guys. i just needed to get that off my chest. I go and do my job, since my managers have me do the odd jobs around here, and just my luck, im tossed into this situation. I get accused and harassed from customers, i expect that. But from another employee of the work location? take a chill pill bro.

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