Soooo... I’m recently back on the dating scene. Started messaging back and forth with one nice looking woman over the past few days. She has kids, which is a plus in my view... since I have kids too, I find I can relate better to those with kids.

We were talking about past relationships... and I asked her if she ever had an open/poly relationship. The answer was no... but then she went on a highly judgemental diatribe about it and though she never had been in one herself, she supposedly is an expert on the subject.

And of course I have been in that type of relationship in the past... though I’m not looking for that now.

But even though I said that I wasn’t looking for that type of relationship, she went on making some rather rude and asinine judgements about me.

She views herself as a strong woman looking for a strong man... and of course in her world view, a strong man could never be in an open relationship.

Thus, I will never get the chance to meet her.

And that’s a good thing.


So if you’re just getting to know someone, in my view, it’s a good idea to ask potentially touchy questions early on before you get emotionally invested.


And now I give you Austin Powers running after his Shaguar...