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President of Mexico asks top-ally, and top European trading Partner, to apologize for genocide 500 years ago.

You can’t make this shit up.

Illustration for article titled President of Mexico asks top-ally, and top European trading Partner, to apologize for genocide 500 years ago.

Isn’t history great.

Specially when you’re dealing with the landing of Hernan Cortez at Veracruz, hundreds of years ago, kickstarting one of the biggest genocides relative to total world population.

The Spanish landed with overwhelming force-and underwhelming hygene- on North America, forcing people into slavery, catholisism, and a stupid caste system that we can’t seem to shake off...500 years later. But anyway, the point wasn’t that. They also killed a significant portion of the world’s population by importing diseases into America, and by obsessing over conquering one city even if tribes around Tenochtitlan were already allies of the Spanish because the Aztecs were kind of dicks.


My ever-so illustrious president asked the fucking king of Spain, in goddamn 2019 to apologize for the conquest of America. Of course, infront of a fucking pyramid. This wouldn’t be OK on its own, but it gets worse.

Lopez Obrador, who has no indigenous background and doesn’t speak any languages other than Spanish, has spent his entire Presidency hyping, and planning to create the “Maya Train” a not ridicoulous, train service across the Yucatan Peninsula. Virtually every single indigenous group in the area is opposed to the creation of the service, as they fear deforestation, noise, and an invasion of wannabe-hipsters that jack up property prices.


More than anything they fear for their rights. Mexico has a not-too stellar relationship with indigenous people, this relationship sours a bit more when you take into consideration that they have delegated autonomy in the constitution.

So, I guess that when you are the all powerful invador seeking to impose your will over people, then you don’t have to apologize.

Personally, I support the creation of a time-travel machine to kill baby Hernan Cortez, it just avoids the awkward mess of reconciliation and forgiving.


Also, the King of Spain told him to basically go fuck himself.

Full disclosure- I'm a dual citizen of Mexico and Spain. I find this entire exchange absolutely ridiculous.

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