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Is the smoke detector working?
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Political Talk Time

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I wanted to talk politics and I figured this is the best place to do it. I’ve been debating with myself who I’m going to vote for. I live in a swing state so my vote will matter (as much as it can anyways) and I really hate both candidates. I still don’t know for sure how I’ll vote as I don’t think I’ll know that for sure until I am physically casting my vote. As it sits right now I am torn between refusing to vote for a presidential candidate and possibly voting for Trump.

I am considering voting for Trump because I see him winning the election having a few possible outcomes:

1) He realizes he is in way over his head and surround himself with very smart and talented people and takes all their advice and we weather the next 4 years better than any other possible outcome.

2) He actually tries to do everything he says he will and gets impeached.

3) Somebody assassinates him. (I would never advocate for anyone to assassinate anybody, even somebody I despise, but it’s something that we need to consider as a possible logical outcome given how much nobody likes either candidate.)

I would not vote for Hillary because not only do I not like her or her policies but also because she is way too power hungry to share it with anyone else.

As for not voting for a presidential candidate a large part of me does not want to have to be held responsible for the actions of either party.


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