Welp, these last two years just completely sucked, personally. If 2014 was the Al Qaeda of years, then 2015 is the ISIL. Charging straight at you with an S-vest ready to kill themselves in the hope of taking out as many other people with them as possible. A lot of frustration, from relatively minor to major enough to serve as a reminder that I need a major life change less I just rot here, yet I feel just too afraid to make that step, all the way to the very end. In 2014 I was hospitalized under an extended stay that turned out to be a pretty nasty experience; I didn’t have any of that in 2015, but I did feel like I had multiple betrayals of trust (to the point where I’m trying to sue), and just a massive personal dead-end I’m struggling to overcome. I feel more closed off than ever.

But just beyond what I can see for myself - 2015 saw terrorist attack after terrorist attack, countless domestic “troubles” and a whole slew of headlines that kept anchorpeople talking until their mouths dried to dust, and one event in particular, but in general, things got too much to show complete stoicism. Fortunately, for the vast majority of the people in the US, Canada, Western Europe and Australia, and in the Far East, life goes on as usual. So do be thankful that under the aupicies of stable and democratic (or at least fair) governments, life isn’t too bad.

Still, I think for the upcoming year I’m going to resolve to kick myself out the house if nothing else and see about finally getting my own place. And then maybe I can go find a relationship or something.