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Is the smoke detector working?
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Please do not read this post if you are concerned for your sensibilities or respect towards me

And blah blah blah, look, I don’t want to deliberately offend people, particularly members of GroupThink and The Powder Room or regular contributors to Jezebel. But I’m kind of upset right now and I just want to vent and I don’t care about anything else.

But I hope the woman or whoever who helped perpetrate the shooting or whoever who got killed in an exchange is some haggered old used up hag of a bitch. I’m going to be upset if it turns out she was someone halfway young who potentially had a future ahead of her, especially a fucking woman who I’m sorry but I was kind of lead to believe that as a gender and a sex kind of had more sense than to mindlessly go around killing people. If you think I’m being sexist about it you can go fucking sue me, I’ll even point out a good lawyer for you.


Anyway my patience for the current situation is being exhausted. What situation, you ask? The whole goddamn situation with the whole goddamn country. A few months ago I made a post asking about emigrating to a completely different fucking continent and this is a big part of the reason why. At this point I can say that I very honestly believe that the United State of America is no longer any place to raise a child. If you’re smart and rich enough, you’d move the fuck out and raise your child in a country halfway respectable. If you’re smart but not rich then you owe the goddamn fucking moral decision to not have children. That’s just my opinion. If you hate it, just say so in the comments below, I promise I’ll ungrey you.

So on the stupid fucking numbnuts on FOX News (I’m especially talking about stupid fucking numbnut extraordinarre, Sean “Klannity”) are bringing up a lot of rhetoric about Sharia Law and other things implicating that it’s either an ISIL attack or (if so, more likely) “lone wolves” who have claimed allegience to ISIL which quite honestly draws no real distinction anyway. 18 hours from now I’m going to walk right into a private academy for Muslim students and I’m going to do the thing I’ve been doing there since I’ve been learning to recover from cancer - teach them to read (EDIT: actually it turns out that I won’t because the school’s canceling activities due to security concerns as a direct result of this shooting, which is understandable). My mind right now is just frozen trying to explain how much frustration I’ve been feeling regarding recent events even back to the last two fucking years, but I guess the best way to explain it is that the rhetoric about Syrian refugees all being ISIL infiltrators, especially the rhetoric that literally insist they’re all ISIL infiltrators gives me a headache. Despite what I just said disparaging this country one thing I’ll give it credit for is that it’s very easy for Muslims and Jews to get along, at least if the people I interact with are any indication.


But I’m sick and tired of other things going on and I have faced the conclusion that the only reasonable means left is to simply abandon a rapidly sinking ship that will take all of its occupants with it. What does that mean? It’s very simple - like I said, buying a plane ticket, living in Europe and enjoying that form of government until my hopefully long expiration date or if you believe some actual scientists until computer consciousness takes over our bodies.

Oh and here’s a thing, you fucking numbnuts in the Pentagon, in the White House, in the military leadership in Paris, in the Kremlin, in Riyadh, Cairo, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and the especial numbnuts in Ankara who want to shoot down anything that flies. These lone wolves, or whoever, or these disgruntled teenage boys who ISIL has convinced should pick up a machine gun and kill their Muslim and non-Muslin neighbors, or these disgruntled teenaged girls they’ve convinced would live better lives in sexual slavery and victims of rape-entitlement, are popping up because of ISIL’s recruiters. ISIL’s social media and recruitment is ISIL’s most powerful weapon. So here’s what you do: you get off your fucking asses, you find out where this social media is coming from. You can’t tell me you can’t even get a fucking IP hit? You direct all of your cyber-terrorism and cyber-crime efforts to tracking down where these fuckers are. And then what do you do? Do you hack them back? Fuck no. you get some F-15s or F-16s loaded up with JDAMs and you fly over their physical location AND. YOU. FUCKING. KILL. THEM. These fucking asshole recruiters deserve to have their heads fucking smashed apart by 900 lbs of RDX surrounded by a high-density steel jacket dropped from 40,000 feet.


And here’s another thing you do: YOU MAKE YOUR OWN PROPAGANDA. You fucking fight fire with fucking fire. You show the asshole recruiter trying to prey on little girls in his shithole in Reqqa or wherever the fuck on his loser laptop like some 4chan reject, and you show his head being fucking exploded by a Hellfire missile. I’m saying you should literally make a commercial like this. You show the asshole terrorist-militant on the ground getting his fucking head blown apart by 7.62x54mm NATO-spec. You should show the teenage girl who thinks it’s a good idea to join ISIL being forced into slavery until being expended as a living bomb because her purpose to her masters has been served (you can forgo the graphic depiction of rape in this case). Again, this should be an actual commercial you air across the country and across the world. “Non-violent” sensibilities be damned, you fucking crossed that line the moment you decided having a cheesy obviously plastic corpse with rib cage splayed open nets only a TV-14. We as a fucking human race crossed that line the moment ISIL starts bragging about the lives of women who decide the best thing they should do is blow themselves up in order to take a bus or an airliner with them is less than the cost of homebrewed coffee. Yeah, about that whole ISIL and women thing, the Paris attack asshole thought so highly of his own fucking cousin that she should blow herself up to kill a damn dog (and I don’t care if the dog is a “hero” not my fucking point right now). Right now, we need to show everybody, the bad guys, the good guys, and yes even especially our own fucking children the consequences of acting like a bunch of murderous assholes on the scale of ISIL. And remove any and all ambiguity that those consequences constitute a very painful, violent death where nobody will mourn you.

THIS is how we should fight ISIL. We should be playing their own game, except making it clear that each and every member of ISIL has condemned him or (unfortunately) her self to certain death and inescapable damnation. We should be tracing their social media back to locations we can turn into very deep craters and, especially, charred subhuman remains. And I do think we should be referring to these terrorists and militants as subhuman - not Muslims, not followers of Islam and Allah, because I can damn well show you that these subhuman fecal matter have turned their backs to whatever teachings or offerings Allah would have to offer.


Anyway, whatever. Like I said I’m going to retire to a South Baltic Sea beach anyway, why should I even care anymore?

Oh, and to FOX News and especially the aforementioned Sean “Clannity” and even Bill O’Liley thrown in: stop shoving into my face the fact that one of the killed shooters is a woman. I know you, Clannity, as miserable person, and you, O’Lilely, as an equally miserable person, and you, FAUX News, as an organization where miserable people congregate and earn money for it, hate women so much that you’re all probably collectively masturbating to leaked pictures of her bullet-ridden corpse, but that doesn’t mean your viewers (especially those essentially forced to view because hurr durr man of the house owns the remote) want to partake in your sexual depravity.

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