Is the smoke detector working?

Personal update I guess

Met with my psychologist the other day. Went over some work stress (trauma and being a cog in the machine) and personal stress since the break up. Turns out 45 minutes isn’t a whole lot of time when you only see a guy once every three months.

In any case, he says I’m doing well and know exactly how to handle things, which is good, although it feels a little wrong in some ways. He told me that the emotions I’m feeling are good because they’re natural, and I’m letting myself feel them. He also pointed out that it’s good I’m not manufacturing emotions from what I’ve been going through (blaming myself for the trauma, getting angry at her for the breakup and responding excessively), and so on.


He also pointed out that in order to have that process of moving on, we have to have our moments where we reflect on what happened, but also need to do things to build ourselves back up. So grieving that a relationship is over is okay, as is trying new hobbies and doing things for me in order to get past it. You can’t just ignore one of the two without it becoming unhealthy (dwelling on the past to the point where it’s obsessive, or trying to move on and ignoring why I’m here in the first place).

In any case, it was a good appointment to have, and I’m happy with the end results. Hope everyone else is doing alright.

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