Last night, I decided to peruse through Netflix's current offerings, as I haven't the foggiest idea of what's on there outside of princess cartoons (three daughters). This offered a chance to once again watch one of the greatest movies ever made: PCU.

If you've never seen this cinematographic masterpiece, stop what you're doing right this second and watch it. The main character, Droz, is played by Jeremy Piven. He is unwittingly given the job of hosting Tom, a "pre-frosh"/high school senior, for a weekend tour of the campus. Needless to say, Droz isn't too keen on the idea, given that he's one of those slacker/jokester/"F that S" guys. By the way, Jon Favreau plays his burnt out sort-of sidekick, Gutter. David Spade plays Droz' former roommate/Young Republican arch nemesis, Rand.

It's only 79 minutes long. Watch it. Also, Womynists are scary.