Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

But lies neither with the moderators, the commenters or the fringe members. Oppositelock, by virtue of Kinja, has been thrust into a role it was never built to play. It's been forced to evolve into an entirely public location with visibility across the entire Gawker network. It's no longer a tight-knit community - any Tammy, Dick and Batman bin Suparman can easily see and comment on anything.

It's a forced evolution few were ready for and fewer are taking easily. The only thing I can suggest for those of you whom are considering taking leave is to do so. Take some time to sit back, watch the action from the sidelines and wait for Oppo to find itself again. If you are taking offense to all the offense taking, then you yourself are part of the stagnation. Grab a beer, let nature take its course and remember one thing. Sub-blogs come and go, but a gated manual transmission is forever


Also ok I understand the good bit of NSFW here the past few bits but I swear to gof if you turn this place into a hustler mag I will start pulling posts. Even here, too much can be had.

ALSO. Final idea. Instead of calling it NSFW (so it's not seen on your sidebar as NSFW), why don't we spice it up a bit? Post your ideas for the new NSFW tag below! Also a standard lede image would make things a bit rougher on people who would like to stop by and complain. Nobody complains here except me.

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