Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

On this holiday...

I think more and more about my family, and how weird my life is because of that word. Let me explain:

I have had a horrendous relationship with my parents for most of my life. Although I was never beat per se, it was not a conducive home environment to creating a successful human being. I learned early on that if I were going to be anything in life, it would have to be with my own wits and momentum. And during those dark times that we all go through during our teen years, it was my friends and their families that got me through.


My wife was brought up in a family where everyone imposes every thought, feeling, and opinion on everyone in the family, and forces them to take it because “they’re family”. It’s been an unhealthy tradition of older generations forcing every ioda of an idea down the throats of younger family members, and making a threat out of their very presence.

So we both came to an agreement some time ago that family would be the people we choose to be. People have to earn being family. Is that wrong? Maybe. But it’s working for us. I’m not looking for anyone to confirm if we’re right or wrong. Like I said, it works for us. But there’s aparently people on here going through major family drama, and I want you to know that it’s okay to decide who you call family.

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