For those of you who missed it Saturday night I'll give a recap: I had a couple questions regarding the Ruger SP101. I made an account to ask said questions on My account username was funktheduck as it is on many things for me. I registered, found the proper thread to post in, and creat a post. When I clicked the little button to post the post I was greeted with a page saying I was permanently banned from the forum for having an inappropriate username.

Inappropriate? How? Why would it let me create said username if it's inappropriate?

I emailed the admins with the following:

"I registered with this forum using the username "funktheduck" which is my username for various sites and it's easier for me to remember. When I tried making a post (after confirming my registration through email) it banned me for an inappropriate username. I'm ok with making a different username even though I don't understand how a duck named Funk is inappropriate but why would it let me go through all the trouble if it was going to ban me the first time I try doing anything with the site?"

About 20 minutes later I got the following message:

"The user name you chose did not meet the standards as outlined in forum rules. User names cannot be changed so I banned that name from the forum. If you would like to reregister (ordinarily not permitted) with a more appropriate name then you can do so without moderator objection.



Well, Terry, I've been using this name for around 15 years and this is the first time it's ever been an issue.

I woke up this morning to another email, presumably not from Terry because the email format was completely different and not signed:

"if you honestly do not know the answer to your question then you have no need to be on this forum"


Well, FF Firearms (the email address name), I don't know the answer to my question because in 15 years it hasn't ever been an issue.

The second email was a reply to my first question. I haven't done anything with it since.

Everything in quotes is directly copy and pasted from the emails so second email guy's lack of punctuation is all him.