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Nov. 2020 is going to get awkward between me and my business partner

I have been working with my guy N (name redacted but just using a letter for ease here), since July of 2018, not long but hey we’re good pals and work well together. As of next month we’ll be back to really moving metal, buying and selling cars. Now I have never talked about politics with him and make it my all to not dive down that rabbit hole with anyone I work with. Last night though he spent a solid 20 minutes ranting and raving about Trump, for the record N is a die hard “#MAGA, fuck illegal immigrants, fuck people using the government assistance, build the wall, fuck liberals, fuck PC culture, fuck your safe space, don’t take my guns guy; the irony being he’s been on unemployment and his retired dad has Gov. benefits.

His politics are not my politics and despite me literally telling him that Obama saved the US auto industry and basically the economy from Bush, Trump’s suing 4 auto makers for “anti trust” laws but really because they told him to “fuck off”, and also suing Cali to shit on states just went in one ear and out the other. In N’s world, if Trump is impeached or loses in 2020, the economy is going to collapse and the Democrats are going to destroy America. I dealt with that for 20 minutes and when we got off the phone I realized how awkward next Fall is going to be assuming Trump loses or is removed prior to then.

Fuck my life

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