Is the smoke detector working?

Nothing seems to get people fired up quite like driving videos...

People are real assholes behind the wheel. On one extreme you have the people who are entitled, aggressive, and dangerous. But on the other end you have people who seem to enjoy disproportionate so-called “karmatic justice” when these drivers take a fall. You know, taking pleasure in a guy driving into a brick wall after passing you on the shoulder. Throw in a rich asshole car? Shit you’re gonna get a lot of clicks. Yet the rage felt when a story involves a bike is very unique...

Ramming a vehicle, especially a cyclist, for no reason other than spite, is never acceptable. I don’t care if you were being tailgated or if all cyclists are evil somehow. Nor is this an opportunity to imply that he was asking for it. Look at all those stars though! What you saw was attempted vehicular homicide, and the comments became a breeding ground for “cyclists are assholes, contrasting the “you don’t understand what riding is like” posts. There should be no bickering here: you don’t use a car as a deadly weapon period.


Whether you bike, cycle, walk, or drive a car, be careful out there. You never know what disturbed individual you may bother one day.

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