The elections began roughly three hours ago in Cancun and will end in roughly ten hours in Tijuana.

Despite not being a part of it myself, close friends of mine have ties to the LGBTQ+ community here, and I’m disappointed that no matter who they vote for, they will lose.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is in coalition with Partido Encuentro Social; a very conservative party against LGBTQ rights and women’s rights.

Anaya said in my university that he’d respect “the laws in regards to LGBT” however, he was caught in session with Frente por la Familia (Fnx) a group of assholes that organize anti-gay marches across the country.

Then we have Jose Antonio Meade, whose party legalized same sex marriage, legal gender change, among other things, however their candidate for Mexico City mayor is a stounch social conservative who has used the LGBTQ+ community to run a “pro family” campaign.