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Nibbles Recommends: The Goat Meal

Way wayy wayyyy back in the day, I used to work for [REDACTED] on neat projects for NASA, JPL, DoD and others. Cool things like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] and the James Webb Space Laser Telescope and the Mars rover and [REDACTED]. One of my colleagues and good friends introduced me to the Jew Goat, later shortened to just The Goat. (Yes, he's Jewish. It's not antisemitic if he started it)

Originally the "Jewish Scapegoat", its name was invoked when something was too expensive. When going out for lunch, if restaurant A was too pricey, he'd be sure to let us know by saying "The Goat says no." The Goat happened to say no a lot. One particular day we ran to Costco in order to pick up a couple of freshly-released Wiis. While there, our other friend introduced us to quite possibly the cheapest fucking quickest lunch I've ever had. And it wasn't bad. As a matter of fact I had this last night. I introduce you to The Goat Meal.


Go to your local Costco or Sams Club. Most of them will let you go to the food court without a membership. Order yourself a "Hot dog and a soda combo" and a slice of pizza, in that order. You get a large Nathan's (usually, sometimes Hebrew National) hot dog, a large styrofoam cup and a large piece of cheesy, greasy, fatty pizza, for about tree fiddy. Not joking. Buck fiddy for the dog and pop, two bucks for the slice. I'm not sure the nutritional content of this meal, but it fills me up about the same as three double chee from McDonalds. It's so cheap and efficient, it was the first group-sanctioned "Goat Approved" meal for any time.

Next time you're pinching pennies and want to be sated, stop by your local retail warehouse club and grab a Goat Meal. You'll be pleasantly surprised (until the angina hits.)

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