I admit, my enthusiasm for the playoffs has dropped this year. In most other years when the Broncos hadn’t made it, I could still be excited for the postseason, but this year I just feel so worn out by other stuff going on that I’m not really feeling it like I normally would. Hopefully that changes once the games start.

Today’s games:

Raiders at Texans - Phoooo, I don’t even know what to say about this one. It kinda feels like whoever wins this game will go on to be slaughtered in the next round. Anyone want to guess what the total number of points scored in this game will be? I would not be at all shocked if the total was single-digit. I admit I’m pulling for the Raiders just a little, only because they lost their starting QB who was having an MVP season in such a terrible way. Then again, I always smile when the Raiders lose in the playoffs. On the other hand it’d be nice to see Brock have a good game. I don’t necessarily feel bad for him and his situation, but I don’t wish him any particular harm either.

Lions at Seahawks - GO LIONS! Also, GO LIONS! Yes, I know. They’ll probably not be able to overcome the Seahawks in Seattle when their QB has a bum finger. Still, GO LIONS! LIONS LIONS LIONS!

Dolphins at Steelers - I want the Dolphins to win. The Steelers have won enough Super Bowls. And the Dolphins haven’t been there since what, ‘83?

Giants at Packers - This is the game I want to watch. I think it’ll be a good one. I’d like the Giants to win, and honestly I’d love to see them end up in the Super Bowl to face the Pats and beat them for a 3rd time. Can you imagine?


What would you like to see happen this weekend?