I know it’s just training camp and this catch means nothing, but.... DAMN, Sunshine. That was awesome.

Finally! NFL training camps are here, and all the fun shit that goes with them:

- preseason-game-superstars that are never heard from again (one sports talk station here in Denver likes to call it the ‘Xavier Omon Award’, named after a running back who looked amazing in camp a few years ago and then promptly did nothing and ended up cut)

-”omg the backup qb is totes better than (insert established starter here)“

- devastating injury to megastar player (oh dear lord, please protect Von Miller)

- a regularly terrible team is chosen as the “no-they’re-totally-making-the-playoffs-this-year” team by almost everybody (this year I’m thinking tie between the Raiders and Jags... and I could buy the argument for both, honestly)


Broncos camp started, and it’s kind of boring with absolutely nothing noteworthy happening at all. You know, I’m not necessarily a huge fan of Mark Sanchez, but I have to laugh at the media basically writing off the Broncos this year. Did any of them watch last years’ games? I’m not convinced that Sanchez wasn’t playing for us last year disguised as Peyton Manning. Seriously, go back and watch the Broncos-Browns game from last season. And the Broncos still managed to win Super Bowl 50.

Yes, I know they lost Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan. It sucks that they’re gone but I think that loss is way overstated. 9 of the 11 starters on D last year are back, including the best secondary in the league. Plus, one of the Broncos’ strengths has been the depth of the D; they keep finding great players seemingly from out of nowhere. Losing Malik sucks but I think they can cope. I already know they can cope without Trevathan because he has been hurt so much over the last couple years and they have had to cover for him, with some success. If he can stay healthy, Chicago is getting a great linebacker (as John Fox already knows).

I don’t know if they can have another exceptional year and repeat as champs, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they do. As far as Sanchez, he could not ask for a better situation to be in. He has a great receiving corps, decent running backs, and the O-line can’t help but be better than last year’s dumpster fire. He doesn’t have to be a superstar QB, just an average to below-average one. If he doesn’t do well, it’s on him.


So, what’s the outlook for your team? How’s it shaping up so far?