I’ll be watching the game with my hobbled doggo at home. Sophie tweaked her right front leg somehow while we were playing fetch yesterday. It happens sometimes, but this time she doesn’t want to put any weight on the leg. She was a little better this morning, but I’m going to drop her off at the vet for a couple hours so they can make sure there isn’t an actual injury or damage, and maybe give her some pain meds. She’s still her normal bubbly self and really wants to run and play, but she’s definitely got a sprain or something. She is getting older, too. She turns 8 next week.

So, question... is there any fan out there who is not regularly a Patriots fan but actually pulling for the Pats? I suspect it’s a no. Seems like everyone I talk to in person or over the internet is pulling for the Falcons. I mean, does anyone really need to see the Pats win another one? I think it’s safe to say the combo of Belichick and Brady will probably go down as the best coach-qb combo of all time, not to mention the best at their positions, whether or not they win another one. So, RISE UP FALCONS! Specifically, rise up in a way that results in a score of Falcons X5 - Patriots Y8, or Falcons X2 - Patriots Y7. You know, or lose with those numbers. Whatever, I just wanna have a chance in my office pool this year. Is that so wrong!?

Also, congratulations to the new hall of fame members. I’m so glad Terrell Davis got in. He may have had a shortened career, but he was absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime player before the injuries.

So, who ya got? What do you want to see happen?