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NFL open thread, Sun. divisional round edition

This game has to be the game of the year up to this point, right? Amazing. I’m really happy for Larry Fitzgerald anytime he does well in the playoffs, and he was fantastic in this game.

On to today’s games...

Seattle at Carolina: Seattle’s been looking good and getting it done, but I’m not sure they can beat Carolina at their house. One thing, though... most years (though not every year) in the playoffs there’s one team that bulldozes through the regular season and is a favorite to go to the Super Bowl, only to honk out in the playoffs. The Broncos have been it twice in the last 3 years. I feel like it could be the Panthers this year. My gut tells me they manage to win it, though.


Steelers at Broncos: Let’s see... I was convinced that they would beat the Ravens that year, they didn’t. I was sure they’d beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, they didn’t. They were ABSOLUTELY going to beat the Colts last year, they didn’t. So now I’m a basket case. I don’t care that the Steelers have a one-armed quarterback and are missing their best receiver and are down to no-name running backs. I’m not convinced the Broncos will win until I see it happen with my own eyes and the clock runs out.

How do you see things shaking out?

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